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The Process of Restoration



All restoration requires an in-person viewing and consultation with one of our conservators. Only after the consultation and the customer's approval will work begin.  Fees are based on an hourly rate plus materials required for the project and are quoted in advanced. Since physical examination of a piece is critical in determining extent of damage, we reserve the right to adjust any estimate given from photos or digital images.  We can also prepare a detailed condition report if needed.  Additional questions may be answered in the FAQs.


We pride ourselves in completing work in a timely fashion usually four to six weeks.  Your satisfaction is guaranteed.


We encourage you to contact us for a free evaluation and estimate.



Durrett Studio offers complete museum quality restoration for your fine art. Services for paintings include cleaning and removal of dirt and stains, old repair, and yellowed varnish, lining on a heat/vacuum table, consolidation of the paint layer, patching, fill, in-painting, and varnishing. All work is performed using minimally invasive techniques and follows strict ethical industry standards. 


Restoration services focus on period picture frames as well as gilded surfaces of furniture and objects. Restoration of these surfaces include structural repair, replacement of losses, removal of paint over original gold leaf finishes, cleaning, and re-gilding. Our frame conservators take care to preserve as much of the original finish as possible and skillfully match restorations to that finish.


Once the artwork and/or frame restoration has been completed, we carefully fit the painting and frame securely together and protect the piece with appropriate archival backing.  If the artwork is on paper, we offer a variety of conservation glass choices, acid-free mating and archival spacers to preserve and protect your artwork for years to come.  Finally, we add secure hangers and wire for hanging, and bumpers to protect your wall.




Our staff will begin by reassembling the mirror and doing major structural repair.

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