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Frequently asked questions

Are estimates for restoration free?

Yes, all estimates are free. After a visual inspection of the painting and/or frame, discussing the customer's needs and addressing any questions, the best course of action can be determined. Only after this consultation and with the customer's approval will work begin.

Does Durrett Studio work with insurance claims?

Yes, we are happy to work with your insurance company to address any claims relating to damaged artwork and frames. In the past Durrett Studio has helped many customers work through minor incidents and major disasters such as fire and flood.

Is Durrett Studio insured?

Yes, we are insured and carry coverage for artworks. Larger valuations can be addressed on an individual basis. The studio is located in a secure building, alarmed and equipped with fire-suppression equipment.

Can I store my artwork at Durrett Studio after restoration is complete?

Due to limited space we do not typically store artwork for longer than 30 days. We ask that customers pick-up artwork as promptly as possible, not only so you may enjoy it sooner, but to ensure no further damage may accidentally occur. Special arrangements can be made, however storage fees may be applied. 

Can you research the artist of my painting?

While we will be glad to research any artist for you, we do recommend that you begin by searching online first. Due to our busy schedule, it is sometimes faster for you to begin the research on your own.

Can Durrett Studio appraise my artwork?

No, we are not licensed as an appraisal service. That said, referrals to trusted appraisers can be made.

Do you offer pick-up and delivery?

Typically we do not offer pick-up and delivery, however arrangements can be made in special circumstances such as the artwork being too large to be transported normally. We can also pack and ship to any location, however additional charges may apply.

Can I get an estimate over the phone or email?

Generally it's impossible to provide estimates over the phone. However, it is possible to begin the conversation via email provided that good quality photographs are included in the message. Often times the photos do not reveal the information necessary to understand the condition of the artwork. So it is preferable to visit us in person.

Can I sell my artwork at Durrett Studio?

We do not typically purchase artwork from outside sources, however we do occasionally accept works on consignment. Please call to discuss before bringing artwork in as we have very limited space available.

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